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Hundeskolen Veiviseren A/S is a private owned, Norwegian Guide- and Service dog training center. We are government authorized and provider of Guide Dogs to the Norwegian, Swedish and European markets. In addition we cooperate with the Norwegian Handicap Association to provide Service Dogs to the Norwegian market.
Our school was first approved as a provider of Guide Dogs to the Norwegian Social Services department in 1981. And is one of 3 schools in Norway that is licensed to produce Guide Dogs under the strict regulations of the social department.


The school is located in a country setting about 35 minutes driving time south of Oslo, Norway.  The schools facilities consist of a main house with administrative offices, an attached dormitory facility with housing for six teams while in training, a training building which is used primarily for the training of service dogs, and  kennel facility with housing capability for up to 40 dogs.


The schools operation is completely self sufficient and full service. We maintain our own breeding program with more then 20 breeding females in our system. We administrate our own foster puppy program with between 50 and 100 puppies in the system at any given time. We have on site training facilities to both Guide and Service dog training, as well as for client courses and follow up training.


As a school we are always interested in improving the quality of our dogs and services along with the knowledge of our staff. We also actively promote awareness of Guide and Service dogs in Norway. We actively participate in many education programs for students from Veterinary and Animal Husbandry schools throughout Scandinavia. We frequently share knowledge and exchange staff with schools throughout Europe. And we regularly conduct seminars and education courses for the Norwegian kennel club, Guide and Service dog clubs and other interested groups. 

Contact information:
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Phone: +47 64 95 33 00

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